b . Osaka Japan, 1974
lives and works in Tokyo, Japan
1996 BFA, Parsons School of Design, New York, NY
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2015 "Please Don't Spit On The Painting", HVW8 Art + Design Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2014 "Oodles of Doodles", CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY,Tokyo, Japan
2013 "Write Here Write Now", CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY,Tokyo, Japan
2012 "In Between", CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY,Tokyo, Japan
2009 "All Day I Dream About Sunsex / paintings", Clear Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2007 "All Day I Dream About Sunsex", Meguro Rice Factory, Tokyo, Japan
2004 "Garden of Re-creation", Riviera Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2003 "2 in 1", Gas/Dyezu Experiment, Tokyo, Japan
Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 "Mad Love", Museum of Arts & Design, Singapore
2014 "Side Core", Seibu, Shibuya, Tokyo
2013 "Tokyo Street", Ikkan Art International, Singapore
2010 "The Barnstormers", Joshua Liner Gallery, New York, NY
2008 "Pressure (RVCA x CINELLI) ", VASF Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  • "Hysteric Mini 20th Anniversary", Hysteric Glamour, Tokyo, Japan
  • "The Last for the Place", Gas/Dyezu Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
  • "What Happened to Peace", Parco Museum, Tokyo, Japan
  • "FAQQ", Transplant Gallery, New York, NY
  • "Better Tomorrow", Supreme Trading Annex, Brooklyn, NY
  • "Small Works by Big People", Carlos Irizarry Gallery, Puetro Rico
  • "Escale a Parisi", Halle Saint Pierre Museum, Paris, France
  • "Bad Touch V.5", Rose Museum, Boston, MA
  • "150 T-Shirts", Daniel Silverstein Galley, New York, NY
2001 "No Condition is Permanent" Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY
Selected Collaborations
  • "Intermission---Jun Takahashi and Madsaki", HK Museum of Medical Sciences, Hong Kong
  • "Barnstormers", Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston Salem, NC
  • "Intermission---Jun Takahashi and Madsaki", Space Force, Tokyo, Japan
  • "Hive Mind Sound System", Lump Gallery/Projects, Raleigh,NC
  • "Earthism", Sakae Park, Nagoya, Japan
  • "Smudge Good", CWC Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
  • "Billboards", H&M Space, New York, NY
Publications / Selected Bibliography
2013 "Write Here Write Now", Hidden Champion Inc.
2007 "Sunsex", +81, Vol.37, Autum
2006 "Japanese Art", Juxtapoz Magazine, January
2005 "GAS BOOK 19/ Madsaki x Jun Takahashi", Gas As Interface Co., Ltd
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